About us

Why another travel website?

We are travelling quite often for work (and sometimes for holidays even if we keep our cellphones and laptops with us, just in case…) visiting a lot of hotels, flats, houses, bars, shops…

We’ve been asked by several friends and colleagues to pass some of these addresses… Rather than rewriting again and again emails and random recommendations (but also to keep track of all addresses...), we decided to start this website just to see if we could make something workable. The idea is to centralize the information about places we want to remember without using platforms like tripadvisor or booking... Because if it's free, you're somehow the product (even if there are people disagreeing with the statement).

So the basic idea is to post very short (sometimes arid...) notes about hotels/flats/restaurants/places we went to, just to remember the essential: where is it/when did we go there last time and maybe some other notes, we'll see...

With this website, we're also testing a CMS we haven't noticed before : Automad.

It has been developed by Marc Anton Dahmen and published under an MIT licence. Very simple system, but effective (for the moment). It's a flat CMS (ie there's no database), which is a concept we wanted to test for quite some time to see if we could offer that to some of Sakana's clients. Besides the (relative) simplicity of a flat CMS, we were especially interested in the design of that particular CMS.

This is part of our wider test of various platforms, as explained here.

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