Crêperie Avel-Vras

Crêpes in the Golfe du Morbihan

Why do we keep this on Corsidecape?

Nice crêperie in Séné, with a good choice of galettes and crêpes and some good surprises.

You can see the cook preparing your dish, all from fresh products. Which means, not a massive list of galettes/crêpes (around 10 in each categories), but a more qualitative approach. They are also using a lot of local stuff: local apple, local fish, local bacon (lard in French), jams. The cider/apple juice they're serving is really first class (not always the case in creperies...).

They are also turning into a tea house during certain afternoons - very large choice of hot beverages (teas, herbal teas...).

The essentials

Address: 5 place de l'Eglise, 56860 Séné, France


Last visited: Octobre 2016

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